Charity Management Software

Our Charity Management Software is a tool for nonprofit organizations to manage their fundraising activities

Charity Management Software

Manage your fundraising and contacts in one place, online.

CharityEZ is more than just a tool for nonprofit organizations to manage their fundraising activities. Our comprehensive charity management software offers a range of features and benefits for nonprofits of all sizes and sectors. Whether you are looking for the best nonprofit software for your organization, or you want to compare different nonprofit resouces and tools with pricing and free demos, CharityEZ has you covered.

With CharityEZ, you can easily collect, track, and distribute donations from supporters, store and update donors' information, and communicate with them during campaigns using our Advanced 990 Nonprofit Search.

But CharityEZ is not only a charity management software for nonprofits. It is also a platform for donors, volunteers, and partners who want to support the causes they care about. Our charity management software aggregates critical information about nonprofits into a single location through a new and innovative, yet easy to use, software system program. This enables individuals, foundations, and other entities who want to give of their time, talent or resources, an easy site to access opportunities to do so. You can browse through our directory of verified nonprofits, filter by category, location, or impact, and see detailed profiles of each organization. You can also donate, sign up, or share your feedback with just a few clicks.

CharityEZ is the ultimate charity software for nonprofits and their supporters. It helps you streamline your operations, boost your fundraising, engage your donors, and measure your impact. It also connects you with a community of like-minded people who share your vision and values. CharityEZ's Donor Management Software for Nonprofits makes giving and receiving easy.

Key Features

  • 27 Million US Government IRS records of charities and grantmaking foundations offering a quick pathway to find outside funders.
  • Recently awarded grants.
  • Mission statements to search against to find the best charities or foundations in line with your passions.
  • Download 990s
  • Contractors reported
  • Fundraising Specialists
  • A keyword-name-searchable database
  • Ability to drill down by state and county.
  • Cross-reference links throughout the program to see incoming and outgoing $ in a charity
  • Charts and graphs

CharityEZ's resources and tools for nonprofits are trusted by leading organizations in the US, such as Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, and more.

Stay organized with background checks, donor management and more.