Background Check Management

Robust background check capabilities ensure integrity and safety

Background Check Management

Manage background checks, fundraising, and donor relations

CharityEZ's Background Check Management software provides robust background check capabilities to ensure the integrity and safety. This all-in-one solution helps nonprofits focus on their mission by simplifying administrative tasks and fostering trust with supporters.

Our comprehensive software for nonprofits offers more than just background checks. It's a complete package tailored for the unique needs of charities, ensuring thorough vetting processes to maintain a secure and trustworthy environment. This software goes beyond mere checks; it's an integrated system that simplifies complex administrative duties, allowing nonprofits to devote more time to their core mission.

With CharityEZ, organizations can build and maintain confidence among their supporters, knowing that their operations are backed by a reliable and efficient software solution.

As part of our commitment, we have partnered with to offer an exclusive deal. Now, you can perform thorough background checks for your volunteers, starting at just $5.00. This partnership enables nationwide searches, ensuring that you have access to the most reliable and secure screening services available.

With our Volunteer & Donor Tracking Module and this affordable background check solution, you can confidently onboard volunteers and enhance the trust and safety within your charitable organization.

CharityEZ is more than just Background Check Management software. It's a complete software solution designed for charities. Don't wait any longer. Experience the full potential of CharityEZ by starting a free trial and discover why it stands out as the best nonprofit software for charity.

Stay organized with background checks, donor management and more.